Best books of 2017


As we enter a new year with 2017 safely behind us, we thought we’d have a look at some of our favourite books of the year. Some are from well known authors whilst others are new and up and coming names in the world of children’s books. Happy reading!

The Lumberjacks Beard – Duncan Beedie (Templar Publishing)


If you liked The Bear That Stared you’ll love The Lumberjacks Beard. Jim Hickory is a lumberjack and he loves to chop down trees with his trusty axe, well that’s what lumberjacks do! Unfortunately for every tree he chops down the forest creatures become homeless, so Jim happily offers up his beard as their new home, that is however until it gets too full, what will he do?

The story is lovely, the illustrations are in a rustic style which all adds to the feel of the story. It also carries an eco green message that’s easy for youngsters to understand and is great for budding eco-activists.

Mr Bunny’s Chocolate Factory – Elys Dolan (Oxford University Press)

Who wants to know what happens in an Easter egg chocolate factory? I guess every child  does which makes Mr Bunny’s Chocolate Factory a great chocolate treat. The chickens run the factory like clockwork until Mr Bunny decides to put profits before poultry, so what do they do.. of course they go on strike!

mr bunny We love the semi-cartoon style to this book, every time you pick it up you notice something different and it’s a great tale for children to try to understand the need for fairness. Elys Dolan is still fairly new to the scene but has already been shortlisted for awards including Roald Dahl Funny Prize. We can’t wait for more great books to come our way.


There’s a Tiger In The Garden – Lizzy Stewert (Francis Lincoln Children’s Books)

When Nora’s grandma says there’s a tiger in the garden she doesn’t believe her. Firstly she’s too old for these silly games and secondly everyone knows that tigers actually live in the jungle! So when she goes out to play and sees butterflies as big as her arms, a polar bear who likes fishing maybe there could be a tiger in there after all?

This brightly coloured book is a classic in the making, it’s a feast for your eyes, its a beautiful story and best all, its all about the power of our imaginations which is what all children need.


As if this wasn’t enough, There’s A Tiger In My Garden won the 2017 Waterstones Children’s Book Prize in the illustrated books category, well done Lizzy!

Town and Country – Craig Shuttlewood (Ivy Kids)

Some of the best books are books that give us information. We love non fiction books as much as we love fiction, there’s nothing better than exploring and learning about new things.

Town and Country by Craig Shuttlewood is another award winner, Best Children’s Book in the Junior Design Awards 2017.


It’s full of clever little details, with the first one being the turnaround book, open it one was to discover things in the town and then flip it over to discover the country.

From finding skyscrapers and buses in the city to mountains and tractors in the country, it’s a feast for little ones eyes. Complete with a glossary on every pages you’ll be knowing everything there is to know and being able to pick them out in the big picture.

Can I Join Your Club? – John Kelly and Steph Laberis (Little Tiger Press)

Everyone wants to be part of a club right? Well Duck sure does but to be part of lion club he needs to be able to ROAR and to be in elephant club he needs to TRUMPET, all of which he can’t do. All he can do is QUACK! What’s a duck to do? Well start his own club of course and its a club where everyone is welcome.


There’s laugh out loud text and bold, bright, quirky illustrations that will keep children engaged throughout, we even love it as grown ups!

This book is perfect for teaching little ones about friendships and diversity, we’re all different and we can all hang out together too. It’s great for children starting a new school or making new friends.

The Big Book of Beasts – Yuval Zommer (Thames and Hudson)


This is THE encyclopaedia of all things beasts, with beasts of all shapes and sizes. Firstly you can check out the beasts in their natural environments and top tips on how to spot them. Then explore different beasts from bears and tigers to Tasmanian Devils. As if that wasn’t enough you can also check out Ice Age beasts, Mythical beasts and even beasts on your doorstep.

Full on fun, easy to understand facts in bright, bold and attention grasping spreads. It’s a treat for children of all ages and will be one of those books that stays in your family forever.

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls – Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo (Particular Books)

When this book arrived on our shelf we could hardly contain ourselves. We’ve been crying out for years for books that showcase awesome women. Here we’re given 100 amazing women throughout time who have done extraordinary things that have shaped the way we live today. It covers women from all works of life, in different types of jobs but each one is inspiring and empowering.


As if that wasn’t enough sixty female artists from around the globe have illustrated every page, it’s no wonder its won numerous awards and is a Sunday Times best seller. The only thing about this book that we don’t like is that the title suggests its for ‘girls’. Don’t be put off if you have boys, this generation of boys also need to know about the awesome women around the world and our boys loved finding out about them!

Parrots Don’t Live In The City – Lucy Reynolds and Jenna Herman (Doodles and Scribbles)

Parrots Don’t Live In The City is the debut book of Lucy and Jenna that will have you reading it over and over again. Travel through the city with Jack and Emily in this hide and seek book to explore the hidden world of mini beasts, animals and birds in search of one special creature, the gorgeous parakeets.


And if you thought that parrots don’t live in the city take a good look at your local area as they are being spotted more and more in and around our cities.

This is one of the most beautiful books we’ve seen in a long time, the touch, the smell, the colours and illustrations. The poetry takes you into a soft lullaby and this book will soon be your go to bedtime story.

Oi Cat! – Kes Gray (Hodder Children’s Books)


If you want non stop, read aloud silliness, crammed with rhyming fun then this is the book for you. It’s the follow up from Oi Dog and Oi Frog from award winning Kes Gray and Jim Field and is just as hilarious as the other two.


According to frog, cats sit on gnats but cat doesn’t want to sit on gnats as they keep biting his bum and he wants to change the rules, but will dog and frog help him?

It’s a super silly book, the illustrations are big and bold and colourful and adults as well as children won’t be able to put it down, its a keeper!


Welcome to our tribe…


Story-time and reading has always been a pretty big priority in our house. For as long as we can remember there’s always been time put aside to read, any spare second we had you’d see us with a book in our hands.  We’d read in the morning, after breakfast, before lunch, in the afternoon, in the bath and before bed. Guys we could have opened up our own library we had that many great books!

We can’t be the only ones to love books and in an age where people seem busier, have less time to browse their local bookshop it seemed the perfect place for a little subscription service, The Little Reading Club.

So what are we about?

Most parents want their children to be good readers, to enjoy reading in their spare time but don’t actually know where to start. Well we do all the hard work for you. When you join our tribe, you sign up to one of our reader packages (tiny, young or older readers) and from there we select the books that go into your packages!

There are so many amazing books out there, literally thousands and thousands of books that don’t get to your local bookshop shelves. Hundreds of new authors self publishing amazing books that need to be shared with everyone. We do our best to get these books into your little ones hands as well as sharing our love for the classics and best sellers and some pretty amazing non fiction books too!

If things couldn’t get any better…all of our books are hand wrapped and tied up in string to make the most amazing post you’ll ever get.

Books make the best gifts so why not join our tribe and send a little book love in the post.